Processing Unit

Processing Unit


The journey of Indian coffee originates from a fairy tale in an interesting and unique journey made by a Sufi saint, Baba Budan, from India over 400 years ago, while on a pilgrimage to Mecca. He made this ‘now famous’ journey from Mocha, a port city of Yemen that overlooks the Red Sea, to his homeland. Besides being a trading hub for coffee, it was the source of the popular Mocha coffee beans. Baba Budan discovered coffee in the form of a dark and sweet liquid called Qahwah on the way. As he found the drink to be quite refreshing, he decided to bring it back home; and secretly brought back seven coffee beans from Mocha by strapping them to his chest (since the Arabs were extremely protective about their coffee industry). He planted these beans in Chikmagalur, in Karnataka, which was the real genesis of the Indian coffee industry. The hills where he planted these beans are now named Baba Budan Hills.


The wonders of Chikmagalur are unlimited. From Mythological times,the BabaBudan range was known as Chandradrona Parvatha. Sufi Saint Bababudan in 1600 A.D after piligrimage to mecca visited Yemen, where he felt the magic of Coffee and bought seven Coffee seeds hidden in his robes, and planted on mountain slopes of Chikmagalur. Chikmagalur is India’s “Coffee Cradle” and is the birth place of “RISE UP COFFEE”. Since 1938, Manufacturing experience of decades has made us expertise in Coffee Knowledge & quality perfection. “RISE UP COFFEE” is well known for its quality and consistency.



Chikmagalur is well known worldwide for its fine coffee grown at sky kissing high altitudes. Only the finest quality and carefully cultivated clean coffees make their way into our roastery. The best quality beans from selective coffee plantations are used to extract its goodness to create delicate flavors in each stage of processing.


The flavor of the Coffee comes from a combination of soil, microclimate, altitude and species of beans. Coffee’s of different origin have different taste, Cup­ping is a technique & systematic evaluation of Flavor, Aroma, Body, After Taste & Acidity in Coffee Sam­ples . Cupping is the key to quality because finally “TASTE IS EVERYTHING”.


Roasting Coffee is an art and science. Under the watchful Guidance of Roast masters exceptional Quality Raw beans are Roasted to bring out optimum roma, flavor and complexity. Coffee is Roasted in Precise German Hi-Tech Roasters. Roasting process is divided into three stages i.e Drying, Roasting and Cooling. Coffee flavor is a combi­nation of more than 1000 chemical compounds. These are delicately handled to bring out culinary masterpiece.


Coffee Roasting generates Aromatic Flavor Oils which should be preserved. Inconvention grinders, because of the heat generated while grinding these olatile flavor oil gets evaporated thus reducing cup quality and is equipped with Probat Roller Grinders from Germany which guaran­tees better aroma retention through a unique chilling process, which delicately cuts coffee to equal sizes rather than crushing which leads to better and speed filtration.


Ground coffee should be blended/mixed with chicory. Mixing is movement of each particle to an exact position with other particle . our Coffee is having sophisticated fast & gentle high precision Norwageon Fluidized zone mixing system which mix Coffee with chicory homogeneously which results in consistent mixing. Coffee & Chicory proportion in a random sample is exactly same with the whole batch .


Drinking fresh coffee is the only way of enjoying the beverage. Coffee has a smaller shelf life qnd its aroma vanishes slowly as days go by, so delivering fresh coffee is essential. At Riseup Coffee the form, fill and seal machines use computers directly to monitor the packaging process. The on-sight packaging locks in the fresh rich flavour right at the plant. For the top of all blend an orignal reclosable zip-pack with aroma freshness is used to secure the coffee. The zip lock packing allows esay opening and closing of the bag that protects the coffee’s aroma and can be stored in the original packing itself.